Peppers Plus takes pride in delivering the freshest bell peppers, winter squash and table grapes to our North American consumers. 


About Peppers Plus

Peppers Plus, LLC is a company you can trust when doing your produce sourcing.  Built on the principles of growing and sourcing from farms that tend the earth in a responsible, sustainable and passionate way.

Our commitment to doing the right thing when growing our crops and helping the communities in which we farm are paramount to our philosophy. We hold dear family values, good ethical trading practices and safe food growing and manufacturing processes.

Partnered by three individuals who answer the call of responsible farming practices resulting in delivery of safe and superior quality bell peppers, winter squash and table grapes to North America’s leading retailers, wholesalers, food service operators and processors.

Our Mission at Peppers Plus

To provide safe, fresh vegetables with outstanding service offered in an environment that builds lasting relationships based on trust, respect and a passion for farming.